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"Holy Ghost surveyed its students. They took 10 different SAT prep courses in the area, and Education Plus overwhelmingly had the best reviews."

- Ted G., Holy Ghost Prep Guidance

"You gave me the confidence to continue working hard to achieve success. I have exceeded my expectations on the critical reading section, and I was so excited to see my overall results. Never would I have thought that I would look forward to an SAT prep course, but my Tuesday sessions turned into something I grew to enjoy."

- Brett U.

"We cannot thank you enough for all the support and guidance you gave Ami. She gained enormous confidence through the one-to-one tutoring, and she vastly improved her study skills. Her reading speed increased, her ability to conceptualize and solve math problems improved dramatically, and her test-taking ability went from mediocre to spectacular."

- Jay B. & Chris G.

"What a sensational program! My son brought his SAT scores up 140 points and went from very poor grades to As and Bs. Education Plus helped him immensely to focus on goals and the big picture."

- Jamie L.

"It does not seem possible that 3 years ago Jeffrey seemed to have lost his way. My husband and I both feel that hiring you as his math tutor was instrumental in turning him around. After 35 years of teaching myself, it is not hard to recognize a teacher that connects with and inspires his students. You did that for Jeff and changed his life forever."

- Florence W.

"My son was a fun-loving, unfocused, unorganized, hyperactive teenager who gave his teachers many frustrations due to his inability to settle down and study. With your help, all of us saw a miraculous change. He became organized, met deadlines for class projects, did extremely well on his SATs, and was accepted by a wonderful college. I am convinced this was all due to your enthusiastic teaching methods and constant encouragement, which helped him to change in ways that his parents and teachers could not."

- Diana S.

"We contacted Education Plus to help our daughter improve her SAT scores. We were surprised and overjoyed with the results of the improvement she made. Her score went up over 200 points! We believe this will help her to secure some merit scholarships from the colleges she has applied to. We found the tutors to be professional, engaging, and knowledgeable. We would recommend Education Plus to anyone looking for assistance in preparing for the SAT."

- David W.

"Not only did you always demonstrate a cheerful, energetic, and enthusiastic approach to SAT preparation, you would follow up with telephone calls to me to offer additional advice on how to further [my daughter's] academic career. This was quite a change for us, as we had used another company and were very disappointed with their services. There was none of the personal attention and true concern that was evident at Education Plus. I am happy to report that our daughter's SAT scores went up by a total of 120 points!"

- Neil M.

As you can see, Education Plus provides academic tutoring you and your child can count on.
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