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Academic Tutoring in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

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It's not easy being a student today; expectations are high and competition for college acceptance is fierce. When a child encounters a stumbling block to learning, these challenges become even more daunting. We understand this and are ready to help, which is why we offer tutoring services in a variety of subject areas, as well as test preparation services.
Consultation Offer, Academic Tutoring in Jenkintow
Tutoring Offer, Academic Tutoring in Jenkintown, P

Customer Testimonials

For more than 35 years, we have provided top-quality tutoring services to students of all ages. During that time, we have helped many students reach their academic goals, and we cannot wait to serve you. Check out some of our customer testimonials to see proof of our outstanding services.

About Our Company & Students

Education Plus is one of the oldest tutoring companies in the area. We have a talented and caring staff, and work closely with schools and parents, with their permission of course, to build a network of support for our students. Learn more about our company, instructors, and students today.

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About Us

Education Plus in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, offers academic tutoring in all subject areas, as well as test preparation and counseling services for students from preschool to college. We employ a professional staff of highly skilled and caring individuals. For your convenience, we offer flexible hours and appointments 7 days a week, working around your schedule to provide the service your child needs. Additionally, our tutors are always on call, so your child can call, fax, e-mail, or even text us for anything she or he needs.

While there are many academic preparation and tutoring services available today, none of them have our unbeatable combination of experienced tutors, flexible hours, and individualized attention. Together, these qualities add up to your student's success, whether the challenge is with a particular subject area, study skills, or test preparation.